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British Takeaway Awards 2017 - Key Info

Calling all high street heroes

As heroes of the high streets and our Saturday night saviours, we’re recognising the contribution that you, our local takeaway owners provide, on a truly national scale.

For the second year running, we’re celebrating the diverse range of cuisines that make up the fabric of our communities and rewarding the people behind those great little places that we love to lay claim to.

Why have we created the British Takeaway Awards?

It’s time again to recognise and champion the efforts of local takeaways across the nation. Your customers are proud to call you their favourite place and we want to help you shout about it. So, these awards have been created to...

  • Recognise and reward the dedication and hard work that makes your takeaway truly great
  • Showcase the diverse range of cuisines and takeaway choice available in the UK
  • Celebrate the huge role takeaway plays in the fabric of UK society, and highlight the contribution the industry makes to the UK economy