Celebrate and award your favourite takeaway restaurant. Vote for your favourite takeaway restaurant.

Have you got Britain's best takeaway?

There’s a world of wonderful cuisines keeping Britain’s high streets booming. From the dependable pick-me-up pizza, to the staple Saturday night takeaway, we all know a great little place that we’re proud to lay claim to.

These independent takeaway businesses are the beating hearts of our high streets. Every town has their heroes, every individual has their favourite, and now, for the first time ever, it’s time to really recognise them on a truly national scale.

We’ve been asking all fans of the friendly neighbourhood fish shop; patrons of provincial pizzerias; backers of village balti houses; those of us who truly love our locals…

‘Have you got Britain's best takeaway?’ 

If you think your local has what it takes to be the best in Britain, vote for them before 6th October when voting will close.